Our Values

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Our Values

Our core values for Success Human Resource Centre are as follows:


We are committed as when we make a promise to our clients due to their needs, if we can’t achieve the dateline, we will let the client know as soon as possible for whatever reasons in order to avoid their operation bottleneck. Commitment ignites actions and responsibility. Our Recruitment Consultants are firmly committed to their jobs and it is the strength of this commitment that will lead to both the company’s and client’s success. The quality of the company’s commitment to the clients is always based on the quality of the committed Recruitment Consultants


Our Recruitment Consultants keep their word and can be trusted.


We respect the privacy, religion, race and ethics of both our clients and candidates. Our Recruitment Consultants work closely with the clients to understand and identify your recruitment challenges in the organization. We will then provide frank and honest recommendations so as to achieve result in the recruitment process instead of focusing on profit.


Success will come and go in your life but integrity is with you forever. Integrity is doing the correct things all the time, regardless of the consequences. Thus, our Recruitment Consultant’s integrity is not to overpromise or under deliver. We embrace differences and are honest, ethical and committed.


Our Recruitment Consultants are driven and committed to engage and inspire in order to deliver great services to our clients.


Trust is a two way avenue we trust in both our clients and candidates and we believe they also trust in us for a successful business collaboration and a fruitful business venture, hence the partnership.

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